The Big Man Upstairs Wanted Me to Learn Something

I pray..a lot.  I pray on average of 5 times per day.  Technically, 3 are just for meals, so they kinda don’t count.  1 is with the family at the end of the day.  The one left over is the one I use for my own personal reflection and growth. I do it right after I wake up in the mornings, when the house is quiet and I can concentrate the best.

Lately, I’ve been feeling a little lost professionally.  You can read up on it over on my personal blog.  When I’m lost, personally, spiritually or professionally, I do the same thing: pray about it.  Usually, my prayers get answered pretty quickly and I’m on my merry way.  This time, not so much.

The answer I got about a month ago was, “You need to learn something.  Come back to me when you figure out what it is.”  Not something you really want to get from the Big Man.  LOL

My initial response was, “Great.  Can’t you just tell me what it is?  Why do I gotta figure it out?  You already know, let’s save everyone the trouble and cut to the chase.”  🙂  I thought they were strong points, He didn’t seem to think so.

So I pondered and prayed.  Well, I thought I pondered, but I didn’t really.  I was just throwing random ideas out and hoping one would be “the answer.”  Then about two weeks ago, I caught a glimpse.  It had to do with teaching.

My current church calling is with the sunbeams (Translation: I teach 4 year old kids on Sunday).  I had a really spiritual experience one day where the Big Man said, “See, you’re in this class for a reason, to perform a task for me, not you.” It reminded me that my most successful church calling was as Assistant Scoutmaster.  I knew nothing about scouts, outdoor life or teenagers.  I succeeded not by doing everything for my scouts, but rather by showing them how to learn on their own and grow by leaning on each other for help.

I went back to the Big Man with my newfound nugget.  “Alright, does it have to do with teaching?”  And I gotta a resounding “Yes, now figure out the rest and be quick about it.”  LOL

This past weekend, I hunkered down and set to figuring it out.  I had some things going on with the biz that gave me some pause.  I found myself asking myself, “How did I get here?  Is this what I want to do with my life?”  Then I remembered teaching.  I got back to the root of why I started the first 360|Flex: It was to teach folk and help them learn from my experiences.  I found myself saying, “I need to get back to directly helping people learn from my coding jobs.” Then a peace came over me.

The next day, on my knees, I presented the idea to the Big Man and He answered, “‘Bout time, I was getting worried.”  Alright, so it was more like, “Be happy.  You know how to be happy, now get back to being happy.  Success will come in due time.”

It’s funny, because there’s things I *want* to do, things I yearn to do: make games, learn instruments to make music, write novels, etc.  However, the Big Man has laid it out for me.  “There’ll be time for that later.  I have work for you to do.”  He’s led me this far and taken very good care of me.  The least I can do is see where he takes me.

Moral of the story, when the Big Man Upstairs says it’s time to learn something, he ain’t playing with your mind.  He has a reason and you should probably figure out what that reason is.  It’ll help you sleep at night, honestly.

About Tom Ortega II

My purpose in life is to make people happy through the application of technology. My primary way of attaining my purpose is by doing Montage, iOS and Flex programming for my consulting company, OmegaOrtega. The secondary way is by building games with my great friend from high school over at Area 161. I'm found on as LordBron. You can read my personal blog over here. It's filled with technical posts, but also posts about bettering oneself My faith is being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have a spiritual blog called Spiritual Techies. It's not LDS specific, but more generic spiritual thoughts. Who's Lord Bron? Where does the name come from? He was the main character in a short story I wrote in middle school. I liked him so much, I took up his name as my nickname and username for internet sites. He was a time-traveller. 'Nuff said!
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2 Responses to The Big Man Upstairs Wanted Me to Learn Something

  1. Reggie says:

    Tom, I followed you to the this blog, thanks to your Flex articles. I am really happy to find a person, who is committed to find the answer from his creator. ‘Big Man’ knows what is best for you, trust him. Our vision is too short sighted and selfish, but his plans are just awesome. Just like you, I teach Sunday school for 7th Graders. God bless you and your family.

  2. Tom Ortega says:

    @Reggie I just now realized I never said thank you for the kind words.

    God bless you and your family as well. It’s always nice to have another spiritual friend in the tech space! 🙂

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