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My purpose in life is to make people happy through the application of technology. My primary way of attaining my purpose is by doing Montage, iOS and Flex programming for my consulting company, OmegaOrtega. The secondary way is by building games with my great friend from high school over at Area 161. I'm found on as LordBron. You can read my personal blog over here. It's filled with technical posts, but also posts about bettering oneself My faith is being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have a spiritual blog called Spiritual Techies. It's not LDS specific, but more generic spiritual thoughts. Who's Lord Bron? Where does the name come from? He was the main character in a short story I wrote in middle school. I liked him so much, I took up his name as my nickname and username for internet sites. He was a time-traveller. 'Nuff said!

Love Your Neighbor, That’s It

To my Christian friends, this is for you. (Non religious friends feel free to read too since I talk about your greatness! LOL)   “We are in debt (to Christ) and under obligation to love our neighbors, and if the … Continue reading

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Let’s End Casual Racism

Dear friends and family,  My son came home a month ago embarrassed because he heard a friend say “nigger” and then later repeated it not knowing what it meant. Friends whose family probably don’t consider themselves racist, but probably don’t … Continue reading

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Giving Back Away from Home

On my personal blog, I wrote a bit about how I’ll be giving back professionally for the next 20 years. As one might be expect, there’s also some religious reasoning for the giving back. I’m a Christian and thus believe in … Continue reading

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My Faith and Family Above All Else

This probably goes without saying, but I’m guessing that I should probably put words to screen about it anyways. There are two things in life that take precedence above all else: my faith and my family. Faith First? I know … Continue reading

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Family Dinner: Cooking it and Making it Important

Sidenote: A companion piece to this post, entitled “Cooking Up a Storm Makes You a Better Coder”, can be found over on my personal blog. The Importance of Family Dinners This goes back through the ages. History has proven that … Continue reading

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The Big Man Upstairs Wanted Me to Learn Something

I pray..a lot.  I pray on average of 5 times per day.  Technically, 3 are just for meals, so they kinda don’t count.  1 is with the family at the end of the day.  The one left over is the … Continue reading

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President Obama on being a good father

On June 19th, 2009, our nation’s President took time out to focus on Fatherhood.  You can watch the video of this event here.  With so much going on with the economy, wars and other world affairs, it’s touches my heart … Continue reading

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The Joy in Serving Others

If you don’t read my personal blog, it maybe helpful to know that this is a continuation of this post I have there. One thing I love about the LDS church is that it is service driven.  We have lay … Continue reading

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Goals – The ones you should have vs the ones you probably have

I currently live in Silicon Valley. I came here a nobody in the tech space and I’m leaving as a little somebody. My wife didn’t want to move here originally. She hated the idea of leaving family behind, but I … Continue reading

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"I love my wife."

I can’t remember what for, probably our anniversary, but my wife got me a brown t-shirt. Embroidered on this shirt, in off-white stitching, is the simple declaration: “I love my wife.” I wear the shirt in regular rotation with the … Continue reading

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