The Joy in Serving Others

If you don’t read my personal blog, it maybe helpful to know that this is a continuation of this post I have there.

One thing I love about the LDS church is that it is service driven.  We have lay clergy.  Meaning, everyone position in the church is filled by a member of the church.   These people, usually, have full time jobs in society in addition to their calling in the church.  They serve because they know that by serving, their lives will be blessed and enriched.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit:  I’m not perfect when it comes to serving others.  Maybe it’s because I’m a convert, but I’m thinking it’s likely more do to the fact that I’m human.  My wife, without skipping a beat, will tell you how she has done my chores more often than I’ve done them since our move to Arizona.  I’ve also had a home teaching family or two that has fallen to the wayside.  Plus, when I had a Scout calling, I know I missed a meeting or two.  Despite my imperfections, or maybe because of it, I have a strong testimony in regards to serving others.

One of my favorite birthday memories is one based on service.  I had to get up early so I could go get a U-Haul moving truck.  An elderly woman in the ward was moving out.  I don’t remember if she asked for me or if I volunteered, regardless I spent my entire day helping this woman move.  Nothing was packed, her own children were very frustrated with her.  I just did my duties with a smile, making sure she was aware that I was there to serve her in whatever way she needed.  I never told her it was my birthday.  I didn’t need too.  As a priesthood holder, I was there to represent the Bishop and the Savior.  My sole purpose was to make help her feel loved, to let her know that she wasn’t alone in her time of need.

On the flip side, one of my saddest memories has to do with a time I didn’t serve.  I was an Assistant Scoutmaster.  It was Scout Week, when a bunch of our boys went up in the hills for a weeklong camp out.  For some inexcusable reason, I thought it was more important that I go to work vs serving in my calling.  I have no recollection of what I did that week at work.  I loved my scouts.  They were some of the best things to happen to my life.  It was amazing to see them grow as young priesthood holders, serving one another as well as those around them.  I don’t regret too many decisions in life, but not going on that campout that week is one of them.

We recently got a new calling in the ward to serve in the primary.  I’m still not sure which age children we’ll be serving.  However, I love kids (I want 10 eventually), so I know that it’s going to be a blast.  Young kids are so amazing.  Despite the fact that my wife and I are older, I’m sure that these kids are going to wind up teaching us a few things.

Once things get settled down, I’m hoping to work things out to do a bit more service work.  These past few weeks were really tough and crazy.  There was a lot riding on my shoulders and these things were weighing me down.  In the grand scheme of things though, it wasn’t much worries than usual.  The biggest difference though was I did little to no service work.  Without the opportunities to lose myself in the service of others, I found myself being weighed down by all the stresses in my life.

The point of service is to provide a good escape.  With drugs or alcohol, you lose yourself and forget about your worries, but you hurt yourself at the same time.  Service, on the other hand, clears your active mind, but leaves your subconscious working on the problem.  Many times, I’ll have a problem with no solution.  I’ll perfrom some service work.  Afterwards, I’ll look at the problem again and the answer will be clear as day.

Regardless of your faith or spiritual preference, I’m sure there is someway for you to serve.  I’d suggest taking the time to do regular service for others.  It’s a great feeling that has given me much comfort in my life.  Hopefully, you’ll find the same experience as well.


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My purpose in life is to make people happy through the application of technology. My primary way of attaining my purpose is by doing Montage, iOS and Flex programming for my consulting company, OmegaOrtega. The secondary way is by building games with my great friend from high school over at Area 161. I'm found on as LordBron. You can read my personal blog over here. It's filled with technical posts, but also posts about bettering oneself My faith is being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I have a spiritual blog called Spiritual Techies. It's not LDS specific, but more generic spiritual thoughts. Who's Lord Bron? Where does the name come from? He was the main character in a short story I wrote in middle school. I liked him so much, I took up his name as my nickname and username for internet sites. He was a time-traveller. 'Nuff said!
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3 Responses to The Joy in Serving Others

  1. Thanks for sharing this and the related post. A similar thread of thought has been on my mine lately as I have been trying to figure out how to have a better balance in life. Isn’t it awesome how the Gospel affects all aspects of life? Work, play, service, and family.

  2. PS. The feed for this blog seems to be broken. I’d love to subscribe when you get it fixed!

  3. Tom Ortega says:

    @Daniel RSS link fixed in sidebar. It was pointing to the ATOM feed, but that seems to have issues.Yeah, I’m with you on the figuring out better life balance. It’s tough, but we have to keep our priorities in mind. Else, we’ll get lazy and fall away from things we find important.

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